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How it Started

Open Sea Leather Co. was born out of the need to create. A life-long artist, Michael Bluth was drowning in the study of Mandarin Chinese while serving as a foreign language analyst in the Navy. Overwhelmed by the intense coursework he sought refuge in creating beautiful leather goods for friends and family. Before he knew it he had created several unique minimalist wallet designs that people wanted to buy: a lot of people. Every wallet is still designed by Michael and made by artisans in Honolulu, Hawaii. We believe that our focus on innovative design, sustainable leather, high quality material, handwork and US manufacturing sets us apart from the tired designs of the men's accessory market.



To create functional art that lasts a lifetime. We place design and function above all else. We believe that the things we use everyday that provide so much utility should also be beautiful.  


Our team of artists is dedicated to their craft. Each one has an extensive background in fine arts and crafts. Every item is meticulously cut, assembled and hand-stitched by our incredible team. 



  • Innovative design.

  • High quality and sustainable leather.

  • Fair wages and benefits for employees.

  • Standing by our products by guaranteeing satisfaction.

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